Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where will Joy lead?

The sun dye pieces I did the other day caught in my head and Since I finished the commission quilt top I decided to throw them on the design wall.
I love to use my digital camera when I am designing. I take a picture of everything I audition, put it in a folder on my computer and then I can flip back and forth between them. It really helps to see the strong points and the flaws of a design.

Something like this
There are more pics, but why bore you? This piece is called "Joy", and it feels like it. I was thinking lap quilt but one of the layouts shouted wall hanging so that is where we head. It is something I plan on having fun with and not fretting over. Some ink, beads embroidery. Just joy. That is why the Lord made artists, to bring Him glory with pure Joy. I pray I bring Him some kind of glory. At least a smidge.
Now for the extra sun dyed pieces, should I put them on Etsy or hoard them? They were not planned, just a fun jaunt, but I do like them. They have that suede look you can do with MX dyes and soy. Yum, eye candy.

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