Saturday, April 18, 2009

Upstate Ny in April

Upstate NY in April.
Last week I was snow dyeing, this week I did some sun printing.
I was thrilled with the snow, I even emptied all of the food out of our extra freezer to fill it with snow. I collected 13 buckets of the fluffy white stuff. I love the extra variable the snow can add to dyeing. It changes strike rate, crawl speed. Everything can be tweaked and explored. Endless opportunities. I have put some of them up on my Etsy site, some I have set aside to use, some I still need to list.
Truth be told I am at the point that I am just into the fabric, the first stage of creation. Kind of like the kids, as they continue through life and need me less and less I try to fill life with other things. I do not feel drawn to them (the fabric) as I am drawn to the clean white pieces screaming for color. I love them, I created them, but I am hopeful that they will belong to someone else to continue them on to completion.
I sell them to continue buying supplies and to see (hopefully) what they were meant to be. Where they may lead someone else.
Which is exactly my job with the kids, I just can't sell the kids :o)

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