Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday

I sat down to finish the commission quilt today. I sewed one long seam and knew I had to oil and clean.

I love my old singers, being able to take care of them myself, being connected to all those who sewed before me. Yes, dramatic, but I do love those singers!

I rehabbed and sold them for a few years. It was always gratifying and profitable. I stopped when I had no more room in the house. I sold them one by one, the good ones I had nurtured. I miss my treadle redeye the most. Although my green Godzilla finish was pretty cool.

I kept my 99 - Althea, and she resides in the living room so that I can sew when the family is sitting down.

An old 127 hand crank that is just gorgeous, her name is Sonya.

My black featherweight- Grace, she is in my dry studio and she is the one who had the "spa" treatment today.

Belle is my mint green featherweight, she goes with me when I travel. I bought her in Florida when I was down visiting for my niece's graduation. (this is her graduation quilt) I found her, Belle, in an antique shop. She needed some work but she was still beautiful and strong. I replaced some inner broken parts, cleaned her , tuned her up and Voila! When I came home with her she road on the plane in my lap. That was a pain, but completely worth it!

I also have a 201 in the attic that I use to free motion quilt with. Now she could use a bath!

So today, so far, I sidestepped the last few seams on the commission piece but enjoyed some time tinkering with tools.

Not bad for a random Tuesday, I am so blessed !!! :o)

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  1. Just found your blog today and love it! I have a bunch of old Singers too. My first was a 99k just like the one you have pictured here. I mostly use my 201. Take care, Katy