Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dead Mouse

I killed a mouse yesterday. On accident. I feel stupid and horrible. I get mice in my studio on and off all the time. They eat my paint sticks. So I trap them in these humane little cubes that they can get into but cant get out of. Then I take them to the woods and let them go. Usually.
I put out the trap when I saw him meandering about, no biggie. A piece of shredded wheat and some peanut butter. Healthy mouse food. Then I left the studio.
The problem was I didn't go back for a few days. With nothing pending, no rinse out no wash no nothing I forgot about the trap.
Like I said, stupid and horrible. Poor mouse died in that little "humane" cube. Scared confused and hungry.Probable more thirsty then hungry, after all he had the BAIT. UGHHHH.
I told the Lord I was sorry, and He forgives, Oh Praise Him!
But the mouse, the poor little mouse.....

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