Monday, March 4, 2013

My Hand surgery and how it relates to the 7th Bead Soup

All in all I believe it has gone well. I had a bone removed from my left hand to ease the arthritis symptoms and hopefully gain back some mobility/usefulness. I had signed up for the 7TH Bead Soup before the surgery date was secured. My partner and I have exchanged soups. I will blog, with pictures of both soups, when I photograph hers.
Here is my hand and wrist in the wrappings and cast. I think we took this photo about 5 days after the surgery. My finger swelling is down and the bruising is flushing out towards my elbow.
The surgeon said it went well, however, the bone was stubborn and needed to be shattered to be removed. I must admit I was unprepared for the amount of pain the first 2 days, but, as with everything, the time passed and I healed. It got better day by day and now, at nearly 2 weeks out, the pain is all ready better than before the surgery.
So, if I do actually gain back the use of it, it was a success. I am grateful to The Lord for the success!

Therapy begins on wednesday. I will be rid of the bandages and given a fitted brace. I can not wait! I am  .... how shall we say? Overly involved, preoccupied, with any stitches, bandages, flesh glue etc....... applied to my person. My hand feels claustrophobic!!! I have left it mostly alone, I am impressed to say. On wednesday I will have a better idea if I am to make my Bead Soup reveal deadline of April 13th. I know all my ideas wont be complete. I have an idea for some beaded embroidery that I think may have to wait. but we shall see.
I am grateful for all prayers said on my behalf and thankful for any more that will be said.
Thank You!!!
Gob Bless!

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  1. O dear Danielle - been there done that end of november I broke my wrist - pain - agony and total loss of use of hand /arm - I hope it heals well and you get it back to start working with

    On a Happy note - you won my February Give-A-way and I could not find any email for you - and since the bracelet is copper - maybe it will have some healing attributes since its made from copper ! Email me soon so I can send you your gift

    Be well