Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello everyone out in Internetlandia! How are things in your neck of reality? Couple things today.
First, and most unexpected, I WON SOMETHING!! woot woot!  Deb from gave away an etched copper bracelet and I won! I never win anything, so how cool is that? I will post a picture and blog about it when it arrives. Yay, and thank you Deborah!

Second,an update on my hand.
 I am into a little cast/brace for my hand. Its much better than the cast/wrappings so I am glad. I can get it wet so showering is much easier.

It is a molded hard plastic that was molded right on my hand. It leaves my fingers free and my thumb area unmoving. Those "dots" are tiny little holes so my skin can breath. I am not suppose to move my thumb/hand  until the whole thing is healed, then we will work on therapy to strengthen and stretch out the area. Right now I go 2 times a week for ultrasound therapy and scar massage. The idea is to lessen the scar tissue that forms around the surgical areas so it will be easier/possible to rehab it. Doctor says it is looking great. I am very happy with that!
(PS.I got into this brace a bit ago, I am behind on my updates, not like anyone cares or is paying attention anyway so oh well. Full disclosure I guess)

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