Monday, March 25, 2013

Pictures of 7th Bead Soup mixes

My partner, Christa, sent me an awesome soup! I have many ideas and cant wait until my hand catches up with my brain/heart. I wont be making the reveal date in the traditional way (due to my hand surgery) but I may post pictures of "layouts" if Lori is ok with that. I am waiting to hear back from her. at any rate here are pictures of what she sent!

Christa stitched up this pendant for me, isnt it pretty? I think it is just right and when I am able I am thinking I will do up a simple kumihimo cord so as not to overwhelm its beauty. Perhaps adding the seed beads she sent to it. This Bead Soup is such FUN!! Thank you Lori for Bead Soup and all the work you do! Thank you Christa for the wonderful soup you sent!! Blessings to both of you!

When I sent Christa her soup I forget to get the pictures but I remembered just before Steve took the box to the post office. So I quickly emptied the box and snapped a quick pic. Here is what I sent Christa.

She likes floraly stuff but usually works in more earth toned beads so I sent some pink and blue stuff :~)
The lucite flowers I hand dyed, I enameled the beads, hand forged clasp and connectors.  The polymer kaleidoscope beads/cabochons I did as well. The lampwork leaf beads I didnt do, I purchased those. After all, they are pink and blue! There is also a little "beady friend fairy", up in the left hand corner, I sent to watch over Christa. She is charged with freeing up more beading time for Christa.  I dont know how well this all shows up but there is rose quarts heart beads and a nice rose quartz carved butterfly as well.Lots of druks. I cant wait to see what all she does with her soup. At any rate I do hope she loves it and it is blessing her.

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