Friday, February 12, 2010

Parfait/Snow dye results

I washed out my parfait/snowdyes. I am not completely thrilled with the results but I can see the possibilities. The edges need more attention , I need to be careful which color goes where as they melt down and do very little combining upward. They show some of the characteristic snow dye mottling, with enough dye. All that being said there really is a lot of possibilities. I am not sure if i will take the time this winter to learn how to exploit the characteristics of parfait/snow dye. I am feeling too greedy with the snow we have. Although it was so much easier rinsing, washing little squares than big pieces :o) Here are some pictures of full pieces followed by detail shots.

Obviously still in need of a good ironing, but you get the idea. I just wanted to get them up quick.
Thoughts? Ideas? I do appreciate your comments, I have been reading them :o).

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  1. I can see the similarity to the snow dyes but there is less fracturing. I really like how the the greens and blues turned out.