Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Parfait snow dyeing

I had an idea to combine snow dyeing and parfait dyeing. In principal snowdyeing is very much like parfait dyeing but with parfait (everybody loves parfait!) you have 3 separated pieces. It is offering a whole new avenue of experimentation!

I first needed to engineer my own "tools" so I got out a candle, exacto knife and a few plastic containers and proceded to modify them. Simply said, I removed the bottoms :o). I wanted a container that would hold it all together as I dyed but also still let through the melt off.
Here are some all filled up and melting.These are top views .
I am doing more today, experimenting with color flow, who ends up with what colors (piece 1, 2 or 3) and how the dye behaves with the time and temp differences from top of the stack to the bottom. I am also trying 1 with a bottom to see what that does. I hope to post tomorrow some finished pieces. The pieces from the first lot are rinsed but have not gone through final wash. I am waiting to have a bunch, they are small squares and I don't like to waste water and energy.
Anyone else doing something exciting with the snow? I would love to hear about it! Anyone in Rochester Ny area that wants to play with some dye and snow? Drop me an email! I would love some group time.


  1. Always wondered what parfait dying was. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. You said you used a candle...was this to soften the plastic on bottom of cup before you removed it?

  2. My initial results with parfait snow dyeing last year didn't excite me, but some of my normal parfaits haven't been stunning either.
    This year, I did some odd folding of some fabric before snow dyeing it the normal way. I wasn't happy with a couple pieces, so I overdyed them, also with the snow dyeing technique, and loved the results.