Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snowdyeing 2010

It seems that I am enabled to work about every few months. That means a lot of snow dye and a lot of sun dye. HeHe

Today we have Snow dye. I love how the snow acts as a resist, like no other resist I have worked with. It is an awesome smoosher of color. It blends, runs and attracts colors together with a subtle flow that I am in awe of. Obsessed with really. I often think If the Lord gave me health I would end up running off on some (truly) irrelevant tangent, but after all that is art. And Oh, the discoveries that we make when we allow our minds and focus to wander in new directions with abandon.
Today in my time with Jesus He reminded me both to live with unbounded joy and constant restraint. Putting him first in all things and working with all your might on what ever your hands find to do. I guess its the putting Him first that gets it to all work out.
Want to see some pictures? Great! I kinda knew you would :o)

This is some snowdyeing (above) in process. Look fun?? It is!

And then we have buckets of soaking fabric, and more buckets. Again, above.

And this is the sink where I wash out. Totally interesting ha? Yeah I know, but you didn't have to say it out loud!

Here's something better to look at, some fabric waiting for final wash out. Not exactly eye candy but better than the sink. If you want to see some finished pieces washed, dried, pressed and looking like real eye candy go on over to my Etsy shop and take a look. Other wise you will have to wait until I do a day of final washout :o)

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