Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bead Soup spring 2013 prizes for Runner Up

Today I am catching up on my blog posts before this saturdays reveal of the Bead Hoarders blog hop. I definitely needed to get a picture of my winning beads posted from the spring hop first!
Thank you Lori and everyone who participated or voted in the Spring 2013 Bead Soup Blog Hop.
I was so excited to win runner up, it just added to the fun of the blog hop and was a great boost mentally. I think Lori sent these from her personal stash, how cool is that? And thoughtful as well :~)
There is some ceramic beads, two kinds actually. One of them came with my current favorite "bead of the moment", some transparent garnet colored fluted glass melon rounds. YUM. They are just above and to the right of the 4 squares of candy jade. There is also white cord, some awesome fringe beads and 4 of the sweetest little metal bird charms that I love. You can see all the beads she sent in the pic above. Click on it and it will enlarge.

Again, Thank you to Lori and everyone involved! See you back here, Saturday, for the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop reveal!


  1. I hope you can use some of them! They are from my personal stash!

    1. Thank you, it makes me want to hoard them, lol, For when you are famous(er)