Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

I have already started on some things for this blog hop. I am ahead of time, go figure, LOL!
I have a lot of dragonfly beads and I wanted to to see what I could come up with with some of those. I have had a love of dragonflies for years. My Aunt and Uncle have a little piece of heaven up in New Hampshire on a lake called Winona and when you swim/float quietly they (the dragonflies, not my Aunt and Uncle) will land right on you! Some huge ones like tiny helicopters and these amazing tiny pairs of the most awe inspiring bluish purple you will ever see floating in the afternoon sun. Sigh... wish I was there now. Wish I was there ALWAYS.
So the dragonfly necklace is done, the earrings are almost done and I am thinking on the bracelet. I had a LOT of dragonfly beads. Lets face it, I still do.
 But the really cool thing about this blog hop and subsequent projects? I used everything from my stash, right down to the crimp beads! I have been wanting to sit down and make some pieces with some of my "treasure" beads and this hop worked that right onto the top of my to do list!!! And depending on how long it takes my niece to get the measurements I need for her wedding jewelry I may have a chance to use more "treasures". I am very excited for July 20th now. I think this necklace is among my top 10 finished pieces.
All you beaders will understand what I mean by top 10 FINISHED pieces. Some of my favorite pieces are still in my head, waiting for the perfect beads and findings. Or even more exciting, waiting for me to learn how to create those beads and findings :~)

Until the 20th then! God bless.

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