Friday, May 11, 2012

More on my beads from Panda hall

I went at those cool flat beads again with a different color enamel and had greater success. There is no question that they are not as easy as the antique bronze ones I ordered. Even with all that "stuff" inside them they, the NFAB beads,  enamel beautifully! I even enameled the tiny little 3mm ones and they turned out great!
Its good to know its possible to have success with the beads that arent nickel free and antique bronze because PH doesnt sell all their beads and items that way. I am very glad to have something other than the black to work with.  : )  The black was not working very well for me. I am pretty sure the black I have is a mix of nickel and nickel free. Now that I have had a chance to play with the beads, knowing what they are made of and finished with, I can see the advantages of the nickel free. I do have to mention that the variables to this seem unending. What temperature my studio is, how hot my torch is, which enamel I am using, etc...
Keep this in mind when you are reading, these are the results I have seen. That doesnt mean that someone else reporting different results is wrong or that I am wrong.  I am just reporting what I find to perhaps give anyone else interested a starting point in their own discoveries.
I am hoping that I will get a big chunk of time to play in the studio tomorrow. A couple of the kids will be home and I will have someone to watch the baby for me, the 130 lb baby. I have all those other things from PH to try. Look out Saturday, fun, fun, fun.

These are the cool flat beads I did. Better, but not as easy and successful as the antique bronze, nickel free. (blue ones below) 

The orange ones in the first pick are some of the unknown black beads. I threw them in because the orange color was great with the blue hue. The last 2 photos really show how well these NFAB beads work.(Nickel Free Antique Bronze, its getting tedious to keep typing it out) 

 I also took some photos of the NFAB beads, unenameled, to show you the vegetable matter inside. 
Can you see all that stuff in there? Its full!
It is hard to see but even the little beads have the stuff in them.

This is some of the stuff from inside the beads.

I understand that they use this stuff to polish the beads, or something like that, but it is annoying and unfortunate because I love these beads. I have other NFAB stuff from PH, that's what I will be doing this weekend. The items that arent beads, or that have larger holes in the filigree, aren't filled. I am glad of that!
Im also wondering what the plant might be, as for now, I am burning the stuff out as much as possible. Hmmmm,  What might be in the fumes? If the beads get funky and psychedelic looking should I worry? LOL
This little beauty showed up as my tank was running out of fuel, Its way cool and all pock marked, I will probable never get another. I wish I could fill all those tiny holes with something in a contrasting color and be able to preserve it. Any one know if i could coat it some how in resin?


  1. Hi, Danielle! The vegetable matter looks like rice hulls to me. I'm sure there are lots in China! Burning rice hulls might get smoky but probably won't hurt you. Patricia K.

  2. You did a MUCH better job than I did -- I had to take the class twice and I'm still messing up and burning the crap out of things! :-)