Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fledgling crow

Yesterday I did something I abhor, something I am constantly complaining when others do. I saw/heard a crow in distress (crows are my favorite birds) and I went to try and help.
I like to go out when they are all "talking" amongst themselves and eavesdrop, trying to ingratiate myself into their lives, like I said , I love crows. :)
Well, it wasnt a party, they were all upset. I wondered why and peeked into the gully. There caught on a tree was a crow. OH NO!!! A crow! I went inside grabbed my shoes and my son and propelled myself down into the gully ( i will be paying for that for awhile!) I was hoping it just needed to be freed, it was caught by its leg in like a tangle of branches and vines, thrashing about. By the time we reached the bottom it had freed itself and was laying on the ground.Phew!
 Now I can see it is a fledgling, and that it is not doing well.  And now he sits in my house waiting for the wildlife rehabilitator . I spent last night sleepless, in prayer and worried about the crow and its family. My DH is being suportive but keeps popping out with less than helpful stuff like, how do you know its injured, or you should have left him out there. UGHhhh. I know I should have, The Lord God made them and The Lord God takes care of them, I have no business trying to "help". But. hmmph, the world is full of buts. But no, really. It was just about dark, he was right near a yard full of dogs and he was injured. ughhh. But. I brought him home.
And this am , as we wait for the wildlife person the crows of his community are out looking. Its breaking my heart. His poor Mama. Now before you get all " they are crows, they think like birds" remember they are crows. I dont like them just because they are so beautiful. I love them because they are such cool beings. They have a strong sense of community, they will all help each other. They are smart, very smart and they choose a mate and keep it for life. they morn when others in the community die and they watch out for each other.
I pray he gets better and his Mama isnt sad. more after we see the wildlife person.
And no pictures, don't want to make it any more alien abductedish than I have too, poor little guy.

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