Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New enameled flowers from trash to treasure

I love being able to repurpose materials in art. To use what was going to be ugly, thrown away and a nuisance to make something beautiful. :~)
The men who installed our furnace thought I was nuts. I thought everything was treasure! :~)  To be fair so did the plumber, the guy who fixes our car, the general neighborhood.....etc.........

So I was tinkering with some scraps today, pounding, stretching, folding, hammering. You know, joyful stuff. I just wish it didnt cause so much pain, but maybe thats why its so joyful when I can?
{always, this pain! it is a part of my life:~(}    I came up with some cool stuff. Then I enameled it. Ha! Double joy in one day!    Wanna see? I seem to be very into flowers lately....

This is all of them from today. They are harder than they look and I am, well, lame.

this one is very dimensional, they all are, but its hard to tell in the photos.
I tried to show dimension in the additional photos.

And it has a mandrel owie in the center.

With added hand dyed lucite flower and a small enameled flower headpin.
Both my own. It was on my work table.

Trying to show the dimension, height and petal formation.

these are beads from last year that clung to my other photos when I posted.
I like them so they can stay. Those butterflies are very hard to avoid incinerating!
Hopefully tomorrow I can do some more. If I stay reasonable healthy for a while I can get enough to offer them for sale. I would be thrilled to bring them to my home town bead store that sells my enameled things. Its been too long since I went in with new stuff.
 And Etsy sucks so much energy and health out of my art time that I havent been selling from there in a long time.
 What I really want is to set up a web place to show the items I have available and to offer them for  donations to the different charities I like but I have absolutely no clue how. I wonder if I can do that on Facebook? I cant keep up with the changes on Facebook so I rarely am there with out a specific purpose.

 I truly hope blessings for you and yours from Jesus Himself! Enjoy what you have been blessed with!

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