Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The bead soup I sent Darlene

I sent my bead soup off to Darlene Fortier, her blog is here- Darlenes blog and the soup I sent
She is happily simmering her design as we speak. This is what I sent
These are vintage glass pearls, vintage glass, brass stamping and bead caps, gold magnetic clasp, aged copper leaf toggle, carved agate focal and some fire polished 4mm rounds

These are the rubies :~) the large piece is ruby in natural matrix, very organic (and I think so cool!) and then the 2 teardrop rubies.

I cant wait to see what she makes! When I looked through her blog and chatted with email I knew she had the skills to handle something without a hole. She has a rustic organic style that I hope will enjoy working with what I sent. 

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