Friday, June 19, 2009

Machine quilting table- take 2

Well, the pool noodles worked, and for 2 dollars you can't beat the price. They did a lot of drooping and were harder to control because of that. All in all not a bad solution,definitely within my price range but I do think next time I am going to try some PVC with some q-snaps. I think that will add stability without a lot of weight. I do like to control the motion of the quilt sandwich side to side and up and down. something that is easily done with a small piece.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Easy, Inexpensive, DIY Quilting table !

I have struggled with a good system for quilting.

I have a Grace machine quilting frame, a Hinterburger hand quilting frame and a mini long arm. I have used these in different combinations with no real success.

Based on a great tutorial posted by a generous and creative woman (I can no longer find the link) I came up with this little quilting surface.

It is made of a sheet of insulation cut and built up to be flush with the surface of my machine. I needed to use a piece of balsa wood to make up the difference in measurement. I then cut a piece of vinyl to top it off to make it slippery and hold it together. (if you want more specific info drop me an email) This surface worked great for small projects. I use it on the dining room table and it lifts off and on with ease. It doesn't take up a lot of room and it cost me under $10.

It seemed my solution had been found. Now I happen to be quilting a larger quilt and am having trouble. Instead of just shooshing across the surface it catches on the lip of the surface and stalls. Not good. More brain storming, and then Epiphany!

Can you guess my idea? Post to follow!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog Blog Blog, a response

Awhile back someone on an artsy email group I belong to posted a "rant" about blogs. It has taken me a few days to recover from her post and to gather some thoughts.
It seems to me that a lot of people use their blog as one great big buy my stuff ad. I hope they have the success they seek. It is their blog to do with as they please. If their blog is offensive to me I click off and carry on.

All artists are on a different path, a different time table. Exploring along as they go. That's what makes art art and not industrial production. My art is a product of my experience ( this sounds SOO 60's ). If you are interested in my art then you should be interested in my experience, UNLESS , and here is what I think of as the "clinker", you are only interested in art as a "trade".

Is your art an expression of what you feel, see and do? Is it your hearts desire to convey a thought, to pass along a joy or shout out your fleeting tragedy?

Or is your art your desire to be recognized, to be seen and acknowledged? To be compensated for your labor? To show your credentials?

These 2 ideas also intercept and run parallel . An artist who seeks to express himself often is recognised for their effort and labor. An artist who seeks to sell their work is often expressing a moment from their lives.
Also, Is this just a difference in where the artists is on their journey? Is he beyond the I do because I must and a little more towards I do because I have been practiced at doing.

Their is no one path, Praise the Lord! If there was we would step on each others feet more often and be very restricted. Can you imagine if there were even just 4 artists out there on the same path? Especially now with the infamy of the Internet. Posting the same stuff at the same time? Yikes that would stink.

My blog is part of my art, mostly a way to catalog what is going on now. A place to share me and mine. My faith, feelings, and family.... dogs and all. It also is my art, look if you want, please click off if you don't.

Here is my end point,
I am glad I am on the path that I am, at the place I am.
I honestly hope you are too.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Etsy Treasury

I have been featured in another Etsy treasury, this time I understand what it is!
I am not sure I know how to post it but I will try! Here is the link at any rate -

Friday, June 5, 2009

CONTEST, COUPON, for his name

Well, we chose a name. Actually we chose many names but I finally got the family to pick ONE. We agreed on Walter.
Yes, Walter.
Of all the names contributed, both online and via friends and family, the name we agreed on was Walter. Who knew? Sigh.... a name says so much, and we chose Walter. It's based on a family joke that started with a comedy bit by the comedian Jeff Dunham. He uses dummies in his act, one of them is named Walter. Very funny guy.

Since we didn't use any one suggestion I did not pick a winner. SOOO instead I am offering a $5 coupon for my etsy store. Anyone that purchases $20 or more of merchandise can subtract $5 from their total order. Just mention the name Walter in the comments section when you place your order and I will know why you subtracted the $5. This coupon offer is good through Monday june 8th 2009. I will be adding more fabrics tonight and tomorrow if you want to check back. Feel free to wait until Monday to pay if you purchase more than 1 time ( only 1 $5 discount per person per household) Questions? just use the conversation feature on my etsy site.

And Thank you to everyone!