Friday, June 5, 2009

CONTEST, COUPON, for his name

Well, we chose a name. Actually we chose many names but I finally got the family to pick ONE. We agreed on Walter.
Yes, Walter.
Of all the names contributed, both online and via friends and family, the name we agreed on was Walter. Who knew? Sigh.... a name says so much, and we chose Walter. It's based on a family joke that started with a comedy bit by the comedian Jeff Dunham. He uses dummies in his act, one of them is named Walter. Very funny guy.

Since we didn't use any one suggestion I did not pick a winner. SOOO instead I am offering a $5 coupon for my etsy store. Anyone that purchases $20 or more of merchandise can subtract $5 from their total order. Just mention the name Walter in the comments section when you place your order and I will know why you subtracted the $5. This coupon offer is good through Monday june 8th 2009. I will be adding more fabrics tonight and tomorrow if you want to check back. Feel free to wait until Monday to pay if you purchase more than 1 time ( only 1 $5 discount per person per household) Questions? just use the conversation feature on my etsy site.

And Thank you to everyone!

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  1. Hi Dee! You definately are my shorter evil twin! We love Jeff-fa-fa-faaaah!