Saturday, March 25, 2017

My wonderful partner, Kelly Schermerhorn, sent me a delightful soup! I love peridot and in my soup was a bag of peridot chips! YAY! Most of the soup was shades of green and browns with a copper and enameled focal.
I knew where I was going almost immediately! As soon as I saw the vintage reclaimed copper focal she sent, my muse was dancing along!
This is the original set up I did as I examined my soup.
I knew I wanted to stamp along the curve of the copper focal, the hardest part was deciding on a word or words. I chose what I did because it represents exactly what it says. BEAUTY. The beauty of the beads and focals that made up my soup and the beauty of the sweet soul that sent it to me. It will help me remember the joy of this bead soup party long after all the blogs have been visited.

As it arrived is seen on the left and as it is in my necklace is on the right. I tried to get it to look like it had been stamped the day it was created, my success was... ehhh. I still am very happy with it :~)

Everyone will have many blogs to visit, I am going to keep this short. I wanted to include just 2 thoughts, really. Gratitude and Beauty. My gratitude to my partner for her selfless gift of beauty and to Lori for all her hard work and for you, who have stopped by my humble blog.
And here is the beauty

Julia Lund-Trott
Jean Wells
Joelyn Bissing

Friday, March 3, 2017

Beautiful Hoarded treasure

I received my soup awhile back and posted pictures on Facebook. It took me awhile to figure out how to add the badge to my blog and so now that I have that accomplished I would like to send a thank you to my partner, Kelly Schermerhorn, and show the wonderful things she sent. Here are some pictures
 Isnt this a lovely card?
 The wooden beads are from a friend of hers and came from Japan! How cool is that?

 Many of these beads are taken from vintage jewelry from different stores and markets she has shopped in.
She had taken note that I enamel and so she sent the C-Koop pendant, isnt that thoughtful? So many choices, these swaps really inspire creativity!
So, a big Thank You to Kelly! I love what you sent and what a lovely person you have turned out to be!