Thursday, September 24, 2009


I went this week to Baltimore MD. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike large cities (really, anything bigger than say, Ithica) ?
My cousin, who is very much a sister and friend, and I went and picked up her husband from the hospital. I was prepared to stay a week but it turns out they had discharged him. He has ( or is in??) heart failure. His heart does something like 25% of what it should.

They took him off the transplant list, smiled and sent him on his way. I guess he isn't prepared to make the changes in his life that will ensure his continuation. They will not give you a heart you won't take care of, understandably.
I love him, surely I do, I pray (please join me) for his salvation.

He has 4 children that I absolutely adore, children I would and will do my best to protect. And I am very angry at him, couldn't he just give those kids 10 more years? Or do his best to try? My mind says JERK!, my heart says I am sorry he is sick.
And his wife, my cousin? The best I can do is pray, and pray I do. Sometimes love doesn't seem like enough.