Friday, July 3, 2009

Commision quilt

I was able to give the commission quilt to Barb today.
She was pleased with it and thought the recipient will be pleased as well.
It is such a blessing to see someones appreciation for your work, to see how it directly effects others is so cool!
It so made my day, my week! Barb is a fantastic woman of God and I am glad I know her.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Etsy sale

The children need to eat and the cars need inspecting and registering, not to mention I think our new pup Walter may actually be dating the vet tech ( after new pup visit, deworming, neutering, heart worm, and last week he needed 4 staples in a huge deep gash in his knee ). What does all this add up to you ask? It adds up to an opportunity for YOU!

A 25 % off sale at my etsy store!


That is 25% off everything in my store, no exceptions, no limits. OK, well no discount on shipping but I can't strong arm the shipping guy.
Hopefully It will fund and generate a whole slew of new items in the store. Unless Walter needs braces :o)