Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its a boy!

I am pleased to announce the final arrival of our newest quadraped.

Cute isn't he? He is very sweet and mild mannered, for a puppy. He needs a name, however, and our family is stumped.

He is a 9 month old St.Bernard/German Shepherd, and although he will be big he seems small compared to Mus.

We didn't think we would find such a specific breed, but he was already waiting for us.

Is God awesome, or what? His tapestry is so intricate, so beautiful.

We wanted to adopt a dog who needed a home, there are SOOO many out there! When Mus came to our family the children were little and the predictability of a pure bred dog had its advantages. I would add another Great Dane to our family, definitely. But I think of how we come to Christ, lost, lonely, in need, and in a lot of ways, damaged. And I want to love like Jesus Christ does, everyday, in all ways big and small.

So onto the "contest"! Leave a suggestion for a name, with its meaning, and the reason you are suggesting it, in my comments. If My family chooses your name I will send you either a piece of hand dyed fabric or a silk scarf. I am new to blogging and how the comment section works so give me a little leeway, let me know gently if I mess up anything OK? The best way to learn is to dive in and " get messy, make mistakes!"

Good luck, and hurry, the dog as of yet unamed really needs a name!

More Joy

I made some design choices and stitched it up, now Joy hangs on my design wall waiting to be embellished. I can't wait to start stitching!
I am back to the commission quilt though. I need to get it quilted and now, back from Florida, I can set up my quilting spot.

I couldnt help adding something, I am not sure the lettering will stay as is, its not stitched down, but its headed wrere I want it to go.

What do you think?

Camping in Florida

Our family went camping May 8th in Florida. My sisters went to a whole lotta trouble and made our trip extra special. We were able to spend time with all of the family, for good chunks of time.

There is no greater joy than family, I wish mine weren't so far away.
Our camp site was right on the water and absolutely beautiful. Take a peek.